Traditional Meats

Our pure pork sausages have become a talking point at most family BBQs. Question is often asked,” are the sausages from Nino’ s and Joe’s?” if the answer is YES!, then you sure not to have any leftover.

For our Argentinean customers, Armando is the butcher of choice, he expertly prepares traditional cuts such as Matambre and Asado, if your choice is “Greek”, than try our marinated meats for souvlaki, or gyro.  At Easter we can supply lamb according to Orthodox tradition.

“Italian” pick up some homemade veal or chicken schnitzel or a porchetta roast ready to bake, ask the boys! They will be able to assist you with quick meal ideas from our large selection of prepared roasts. If you make your own salami, prosciutto, capocollo ect. Our butchers will cut, slice and mince your choice of pork cuts for that all important pork season.